Walking home for Christmas

Some background info

Lake Kvernhus

Some background information about this shot;  i got lucky! No really, this was just one of those photos that turned out well because of luck, yes sometimes it does happen, not everything has to be planned down to the smallest detail. I was actually walking to my parents house for christmas dinner on dec 25th, and happen to stop by one of my favourite spots along this lake called Kvernhusvannet. (Un)fortunately the spot was full of people and i had to move on, a bit annoyed i didn't get to take a picture at his perticular spot, but 2-300 meter further along the trail noticed something along the water, a small secluded place i hadn't been before. I wiggled my way through bush and trees to find this little picturesque scenery, Something that wouldn't have happened hadn't it been for the people occupying my usual spot.... whoever you were that day ... thank you.

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